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Sportsman's Cafe' & Meal Options

Sportsman's Resort Flippin, AR restaurant
Sportsman's beef and vegetable entree

Serving Chef-Prepared Breakfasts & Dinners

Sportsman's knows that great meals are as essential to trophy trout fishing trips as great guides. We want you to head out on the river only after a good breakfast, and return to a hearty dinner to celebrate the day's success. That's why your breakfasts and dinners are carefully and skillfully prepared. At Sportsman's, we operate our cafe according to high standards of cleanliness, culinary exactness, and perfected table service. You will not find a better meal or better service on the River!

Sportsman's Resort Flippin, AR cafe
The Cafe' atmosphere is casual and relaxed

We use only top quality, FRESH ingredients. We use vine-ripened tomatoes, mushrooms, and other fresh vegetables for salads, garnishes, and side servings. All meats are fresh too. Beef is usually very tender Black Angus cuts. We prepare vegetables in cheese sauces, salads, cheese cakes, and baked potatoes.

Breakfasts at Sportsman's are traditional dishes taken to a notch above the norm. Eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon, juice, coffee, milk, and Danish rolls are all served buffet style.

Since most guests are out on the river for lunch, we do not offer a noon meal in the Cafe'. We do pack delicious box lunches for you to take on your fishing trip. For a traditional treat, you may wish to have your guide prepare a shore lunch for you featuring your catch of the morning with all the trimmings!

Sportsman's Resort Flippin, AR shore lunch
Picnic? Nope -  it's a Shore Lunch

What Are Shore Lunches?
It depends on who you talk to. Traditions are like that. And with over 100 years of tradition behind them, there are several ways to prepare a shore lunch. Why some folks argue about it like grandmas squabbling over the best way to bake a pie. So with all this passion surrounding a shore lunch you know there's something to them. Maybe it is the magic of the river side. Maybe it's tasting your morning's catch fresh out of the iron skillet. Or it just might be that secret hush puppy recipe your guide likes so well. (More than likely his Granny gave him the secret.) Any side of the fire you take, you're guaranteed one thing for sure - a truly unique and wonderful way to eat a lunch. Be sure to ask us about a shore lunch when you plan your guided fishing trip.


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